The Problem

Ischemic stroke is a highly treatable neuro-emergency. For patients experiencing acute ischemic stroke … every second counts” 

Saver (2006) Stroke 37:263-266

Ischaemic stroke (85% of all strokes) occurs when a blood vessel to the brain is blocked, cutting of blood circulation to that part of the brain, resulting in a deteriorating loss of neurological function.

Clot-busting drugs are a highly effective treatment for ischemic strokes however it is crucial that a clinical diagnosis is reached as quickly as possible. Not only to ensure optimal patient recovery and minimise the associated financial costs, but to also guarantee that treatment is as safe and effective as possible.

Rapid diagnosis is key, regrettably this is not achievable with current technology.

Physical Cost

Every minute during an ischemic stroke the brain loses:



Miles of Nerve Fibres

Saver (2006) Time is Brain. Stroke 37:263-266

Financial Cost

Stroke costs the NHS £4.4b and the UK economy £9b per year

Cost Item £ Millions % of total Paid by
Diagnosis 46 0.5 NHS
Inpatient Care 866 9.6 NHS
Outpatient 110 1.2 NHS
Outpatient Drugs 506 5.6 NHS
Community Care 2,900 31.8 NHS
Informal Care 2,400 27 Public
Lost Income 1,300 14.9 Economy
Benefit Payments 841 9.4 Economy

Saka et al (2009) The cost of Stroke in the United Kingdom.
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