July 2017 Sarissa and Aston University receive a 2yr KTP award to develop an automated SMARTChip production line.

Sarissa has developed SMARTChip which will deliver a step change in biosensor performance enabling new diagnostic applications not previously possible. This ground-breaking technology is already being trialled as a point of care diagnostic for stroke, the second highest cause of death in the developed world and the major cause of adult disability globally. Currently treating stroke costs the NHS £5.5bn annually with a further £5bn cost to the economy. There are no diagnostic tests to help clinicians and paramedics identify strokes resulting is high levels of misdiagnosis and delayed treatment. SMARTChip addresses this challenge. To meet forecasted demand Sarissa will need to automate its production process. Innovate UK has recognised the global opportunity and has awarded Sarissa and Aston University a 2yr Knowledge Transfer Partnership award to automate the production of SMARTChip. The project, also being supported by the MTC (part of the High Value Manufacturing Catapult, supported by Innovate UK), will deliver a highly scalable production line capable of producing millions of unit/yr.