Sarissa Biomedical Ltd wins place at UK’s largest innovation show

Sarissa Biomedical Ltd (‘Sarissa’) has beaten tough competition from across the country to win a place to showcase its product at the UK’s largest innovation show in November.

Sarissa was one of 100 companies to be selected to showcase its innovation to over 3,000 attendees at Innovate 2015 on November 9th and 10th at Old Billingsgate in London.

Professor Nick Dale, Sarissa’s Founder, said: “Sarissa has developed a new generation of biosensors for Point of Care diagnostics.  Our biosensors are 100-fold more sensitive and selective than current technologies, enabling measurement of biomarkers in finger prick samples of unprocessed blood within minutes using a handheld device.  Sarissa’s technology enables a new generation of rapid point of care diagnostic solutions not previously possible. 

Sarissa’s first diagnostic application is stroke, the 3rd largest killer in the world costing the NHS £4.4bn annually with a further £5bn cost to the UK economy. Having successfully completed its first two clinical trials, Sarissa has started its final clinical trial (funded through the NIHR Invention for Innovation (i4i) Programme) and expects to launch a CE marked product in early 2017.”

Ischemic stroke is a highly treatable neuro-emergency, rapid intervention is critical – every minute delay results in ~2 days of lost healthy life. However, stroke is a complex condition requiring a high degree of expertise to diagnose.  Clinicians need to be confident in their diagnosis as treatment is not without risk.  Uncertainty often results in delaying intervention and consequently poor patient outcomes. For the first time Sarissa’s stroke diagnostic will provide clinicians and paramedics with a biomarker test within minutes of the stroke onset enabling them to reach a diagnosis quicker and initiate treatment at the earliest opportunity which will result in more stroke victims having fewer disabilities, complications and a far better quality of life.

Innovate UK Chief Executive Ruth McKernan said: “Sarissa is a deserved winner and joins a prestigious group of 100 top innovators showcasing their products at Innovate 2015. With attendees ranging from international investors, buyers and visionary entrepreneurs to government and academia, the showcase is a great platform for winning companies.”

Catherine Raines, Chief Executive of UK Trade & Investment, said: “Innovate 2015 is a fantastic chance for some of the most cutting edge companies in the UK today to meet international partners and do business.

“I am really pleased that Sarissa will be among the hundreds of UK firms at the show as well as business delegations from all corners of the world.

“I look forward to welcoming them.”

Innovate 2015 is the UK’s largest multi-sector innovation event and is organised by Innovate UK and UK Trade and Investment (UKTI). It is set up to create opportunities for export and investment for the UK’s most innovative companies.

For more information and ticket information please visit the Innovate 2015 website.

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Notes to Editors

About Sarissa Biomedical Ltd

For many life threatening conditions rapid clinical intervention will deliver better patient outcomes with more patients surviving with fewer disabilities, complications and a far better quality of life.  Key to facilitating early intervention is early diagnosis. Sarissa is working to help transform emergency clinical care by creating a new generation of portable patient-side diagnostics reducing the time for diagnosis to a few minutes.

This new generation of diagnostic solutions has been made possible by Sarissa’s biosensors which delivers a 100-fold improvement in sensitivity and selectivity compared with today’s technology.  This disruptive technology has been developed, perfected, tested and patented to a point where it is now being used to measure a number of biomarkers rapidly (within minutes) using low cost disposable sensors and a handheld readers.

The Point of Care (PoC) in-vitro diagnostic (IVD) market is estimated to be ~$17bn with each application generating sales in excess of $1bn annually.  Sarissa’s platform technology can address several major diseases each being a $0.5bn-$5bn market opportunity.  The Company is working with clinical partners on several diagnostic applications. Stroke is the first major indication currently undergoing clinical trial.

Based in Coventry, Sarissa, a spin out from the University of Warwick, has supplied research tools globally to many of the world’s leading Universities, research institutes & pharma companies and has been cited in over 80 international publications.

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